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Welcome to smartvaper

Smart Vaper's aim is to source the finest components available in the world, to provide vapers with one of the largest selections of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers available on the market today. Combining these together into various kits and accessories, we are proud to give our customers a choice of low cost starter kits through to our ultimate kits that are a vaper's dream.

Our E Liquids are all USA made, we will not touch any e liquid that we do not have complete traceability of, which is very often the case with some of the cheaper brands available. All our liquids are produced using the finest available ingredients, so that the well being of our customers continues to be the number one priority.

So you are researching the possibility of entering the world of vaping, confusing we hear you say, well it all depends on what you want to achieve, read on and then read the individual product descriptions to help you decide on your dream e-cigarette.

Our starter e-cig is the Storm, still realistic, but a superior atomizer and battery to provide a far better vapor, the Storm is now also available in a Tank version, so just top up the tank and vape away.

If you need something a little more serious, then the Tempest and Hurricane models are your next step. The Hurricane is the latest in e-cigarette technology, providing the ultimate experience for vapers; this is one not to be missed!

At the top of the tree for vapor are the Typhoon Tank and the Joyetech original eGo Tank, they don’t look like a traditional cigarette but the vapor is fantastic and the battery life is ample for anybody.

To summarize if you are a light smoker then the Breeze will probably suffice, especially if you want it to look realistic, from the Storm upwards you are going to get better vapor and longer battery life, heavier smokers will usually find themselves using one of the Tank models, top up in the morning and vape all day.